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Since starting our Code Club we have had lots of coding fun, including:


  • Exploring Scratch
  • Trying out javascript at the DevArt Exhibition hosted by the Barbican in London.  We designed and wrote the code for our own animated butterflies, like the one at the bottom of this page.
  • We’ve connected MakeyMakeys to scratch and explored coding those
  • We’ve had a visit from FUZE to try out their Raspberry Pi  based programming language
  • Explored the amazing Sphero and helped to code traps in a huge Sphero maze 
  • We’ve also created some projects for our U Can Too Maker Party which we held for Code Week UK.  One of these projects then visited MozFest 2014!
  • Creating worlds in Kodu


Several of our Scratchers enjoy Coding so much that they have created Scratch games outside of Code Club, which we’ll share very soon!


This week in Code Club:

We continued with our Scratch Projects, We have a range of projects going on at the moment, some Scratchers are coding their own Flappy Bird style game, some are working on two player games and our long term Scratchers have created their own animated creatures and are now moving on to creating webpages using HTML!

Sam has been working on his own idea of a racing game, and after weeks of hard work, here is the end result!


DevArt Butterfly Blue

Click to see my wings flap!

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  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! Code club sounds so fun!

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