eSafety Advice for Parents

Helping parents support their children online

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Workshop Outline

  • Facts: about children’s use of the internet
  • Risks: surrounding internet use
  • Consider what we can do to support our children
  • Learn about some useful tools 

Much of the time that children spend on the internet is done so outside of school hours, in the comfort of their own home.  It was with this in mind that we made our Safer Internet Pledge, for Safer Internet Day:

    To better prepare parents for supporting and guiding their children on the internet.

As part of this pledge we are striving to reach as many parents as possible, to share information. This led us to present a workshop available to parent’s in several ways:

  • Attend in person on the day
  • Watch live online
  • Watch later at a time that suits you


Workshop led by 

Tonianne Wrightson – SENCo & eSafety Officer


Su Adams – IT Technician & Computing Curriculum Coordinator 


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