Help us raise money for charity

nspccOn Monday 14th July we are walking around our school field to raise money for the NSPCC.  We want to help to stop cruelty to children.

We would like to be sponsored as we walk around the field.

EYFS will do 2 laps, KS1 will do 5 and KS2 will do 10.

Please help us raise money!

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3 Responses to Help us raise money for charity

  1. Samantha says:

    I think this is a very good idea. I feel that charities are very important so raising money for them is always lovely.

  2. Ciaran says:

    I’m happy to! As Samantha said charity is very important.

  3. Emily says:

    We should have a children’s fun run around Staplehurst and the winner get’s a chocolate bar and
    there mom and dad can choose a charety to give it to.


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