How to draw and paint a Rabbit ‘Recipe’

You need to get a blank piece of A4 paper and a sharp pencil with a rubber.
Next you need to find yourselves some white or light brown or black coloured paint.
And any little ads you want.

How to Draw your Rabbit

  1. First get your A4 paper and sharp pencil  draw a round body
  2. Next draw 4 legs about 7cm long
  3. Now add in a little bushy tail at the back
  4. Then you need to add in a face at the front with a nose.
  5. A nose goes up the  top and two little bits that go down to the mouth.
  6. Then add in  two floppy  ears 

Final Touches

  1. Now you need to grab your paint you chose and a thin brush and water.
  2. First dip your brush into the water
  3. Then dip in into the paint
  4. Paint the legs first
  5. Then paint the tail
  6. And add any little touches
  7. And add any other little  touches you want 
  8. You could add in any little bits like grass and stuff

by Keira & Erin (the Rapid Warriors)

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One Response to How to draw and paint a Rabbit ‘Recipe’

  1. Samantha says:

    This is brilliant as it explains how to draw a rabbit!

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