Parent Workshops

At Staplehurst School we are excited to be able to offer online workshops for parents to peruse at their leisure.  

This is a new initiative and we will expand on the current workshops offered in due course.


NEW Parent Workshop: Added 20th July 2015  

Step by Step Guide to Assessment and Reporting



Helping parents support their children online

Click to view our recommended eSafety Links

Workshop Outline

  • Facts: about children’s use of the internet
  • Risks: surrounding internet use
  • Consider what we can do to support our children
  • Learn about some useful tools 

3 Responses to Parent Workshops

  1. Anita Moore says:

    Thank you for the online assessment workshop, great idea and very easy to understand in the comforts of my own home.
    Great Tool ?

  2. Sophie Simpson says:

    I finally got round to watching the e-safety workshop and thought it was excellent. I particularly liked the practical tips on talking as a family about using the internet. Are the links mentioned in the workshop on the school site too? Thanks

  3. MrsAdams says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Great news! Thanks for watching, I’m so pleased you found it useful. I’m pretty sure that we included all of the links mentioned within the ‘eSafety Helpdesk‘ page of the website. If you click on eSafety Helpdesk it should take you to the page, alternatively you will a link under latest news.
    Failing all of that, here is the full URL for the page:
    Thanks for your support.
    Mrs Adams

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