Primary Apprentice – Day Two

Team Building Tuesday!!


Today was all about improving our team work so that we can make the most of this experience and work together to create an amazing end product.  So we hopped on a coached and trundled down to The Swattenden Centre.


We were dreading the weather, but we got off lightly as it only rained on us during the testing of the teams’ Raft Building efforts.  We were mostly under the cover of trees but it rained so hard that the trees didn’t seem to make much difference.  The rain didn’t dampen any spirits though as the children ploughed their way on and pulled themselves across the river.


We also really tested team skills and learnt about what team work really meant when we took on the low adventure course.  There were many tricky aspects to the course which were so much easier when we pulled together, by passing ropes, holding up very heavy rope nets and generally encouraging fellow team mates.  We also learnt that communication was a key element of team work, which involved not just talking but listening.  

DSCF9347 DSCF9631


These are all skills which we can put into practice throughout the next few days of Primary Apprentice Week, in the hope of becoming the winning team, with the tastiest Ice Cream… Judging by the flavours that our teams have come up with, the competition is set to be a close run thing!

Tomorrow, starts bright and early with a coach trip to see our lovely friends at Rhokett Ltd.  Whilst we are there, each team will be making up their final ice cream flavour and we will learn about Benchmarking… hmmm, I wonder what that means?

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3 Responses to Primary Apprentice – Day Two

  1. Samantha says:

    Swattenden was great! The last picture of me is when I am standing on a platform high into the air. You had to climb up a pole and then hoist yourself onto the platform at the top. It was a tough challenge however we all gave it our best shots and enjoyed the day!

    There was also a zip wire there and this required a lot of safety equipment. It was very high and many conquered the fears. Because you never actually touched the floor on the way down, you had to throw a bag on the floor and Mrs Adams caught it. This slowed you to a stop.

    We also did raft building, where we had to not only create a raft using various objects, but also sit on it and sail across a pond. Very scary but as nobody’s boat sank (the dreaded thought) we all got off safely and loved the experience.

    Finally, there was an obstacle course that, to succeed, required a lot of team work, communication, listening and dedication. The obstacle course involved climbing, lifting and many others as well.

    Thank you to every body who helped to make this day so successful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

  2. brandon says:

    Day 2 was so fun and i’m very happy now that i’ve conquered my fear of heights. Swaddlinden is the best place to get rid of your fears i was terrified of the zip wire but it was so much fun and plus seeing other people doing it was very entertaining.

  3. Grace says:

    Swattenden was so fun!
    First, we did an obstacle course which was really fun, but we had to work together as a team.
    Next, we did raft building, where we had to build a raft and race our way across the water.
    After that, we went on the zip whire, which was really cool, apart from at the end when Mrs Adams couldn’t undo our harness!
    Finally, we did all aboard- we had to climb up to a high and VERY SMALL platform ( which many of us got to the of and then chickened out) but it was so exiting and very nerve racking!

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