Samantha’s Fun Quiz

Ever wondered what sort of personality you really have? Answer Samantha’s fun quiz to reveal your true personality!


What film would you rather watch?

a) James Bond

b) Parental Guidance

c) The wizard of Oz


Where would you prefer to have your birthday party?

a) Go ape

b) Cinema

c) Restaurant


Where would you rather go on holiday?

a) The Jungle

b) Spain

c) Disney world


In your spare time what would you rather do?

a) Climb trees

b) Play out with your friends

c) Learn an instrument


When would you normally do your homework?

a) Normally Monday night, it depends what I am doing

b) Saturday mornings before I go out.

c) Straight away when I get home from school


 Now check your results!


Mostly A’s:

You are sporty, adventurous and are up for a challenge but be careful with the decisions that you make


Mostly B‘s:

You are fun, loving and kind to your friends but remember that there is sometimes a serious side to life.


Mostly C’s:

You are imaginative and work hard in all you do but remember to keep on track and not get lost in a fantasy world as you like a daydream!


We would love to know how you got on so post a comment below to tell us what result you got!

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5 Responses to Samantha’s Fun Quiz

  1. Thomas says:

    This is really good. I especially love the deciders at the end, you have REALLY written them well!

  2. Sofia says:

    I like this quiz very much and I turned out too be a B!

  3. Imogen says:

    I was an A. I really liked doing the quiz.

  4. Samantha says:

    Thanks to everyone who has given up their time to post a comment on my quiz. I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments that you have posted!!!

  5. Samantha says:

    I turned out to be a B!!!

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