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We had a great time at the computing events which we hosted for Code Week UK in October 2015, did you?

Comment below, to let us know what you enjoyed most about 

Both day 1 and day 2 were great successes, with lots learnt by all who participated. We were very lucky to have several individuals who sacrificed their time to help make the 2 day computing event the great experience that it was.

For day 1 we hosted a huge Curriculum Day which saw the pupils of out school, cycle through a carousel of activities.  Colin from The Creative Workshop created and delivered a wonderfully informative workshop all about pixels, Hugh Adams delivered a very amusing and informative workshop on website creation using Mozilla Tools, whereby the children ’hacked’ the school website.  Ian Allgar from 2Simple came along to show Year 3 how to use Purple Mash’s 2DIY 3D to make awesome Mazes, whilst David & Francesca from Zu3D ran a session using Zu3D animation software. Homewood school supported us by loaning a variety of equipment.   Mrs Adams also ran a Soni Pi workshop during which Year 6 pupils used Raspberry Pi mini computers to created their own musical compositions.

It is also relevant to add that David who owns ZuLogic and developed Zu3D attended Staplehurst School as a child. This is real evidence that the children could create, share and succeed. Anyone still wishing to purchase Zu3D at the discounted price, should either call or email ZuLogic.

On Day 2 many of our guest mentors, returned to share their knowledge once again, but this time children attended with their parents. giving them an opportunity to share their favourite activities and creations from day 1.  We also welcomed Thomas from CoderDojo London on the Saturday event, who introduced children to Python and brought out the Sphero’s for some remote controlled fun.


Click here to see the results of the Pixel challenge – Winners

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11 Responses to U Can Too Event Blog

  1. Eleanor says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea to get people interested in the world of ICT. I hope I can make it.

  2. stapleadmin says:

    New activities have been added to the schedule today and talks are underway with an exciting and innovative company, who are hoping to join us… We should be able to confirm their involvement within the next few days!

    It’s wonderful how many companies want to be a part of our computing event!

    Make sure you get to see for yourself by coming along. If you’re planning on coming, why not register your interest at http://www.staplehurstschool.co.uk/cms/u-can-too-event-registration/

  3. stapleadmin says:

    We’ve received many deliveries already this week, some filled with goodies, some filled with decorations and there are more on the way.

    One box is particularly exciting as it is coming all the way from America! The box has in it an exciting piece of technology that can’t be purchased in England. The really exciting thing is that We are to showcase this technology at our event!! We’ll post back when the package is in our mitts.

    Don’t forget to register your interest and follow us on Twitter @SuAdamsEdIT

  4. stapleadmin says:

    More confirmations received from workshop leaders as well as more interest from prospective visitors. We have a great buzz in the playground, the street and our presense on twitter @SuAdamsEdIT is getting bigger by the hour.

  5. Eleanor says:

    Adam will be pleased to come… he’s looking forward to it, as am I.


  6. stapleadmin says:

    That’s great news Eleanor, thanks for registering your interest.

  7. stapleadmin says:

    Day 1 of our MakerParty ‘U Can Too’ was a fantastic day filled with many happy faces enjoying all on offer! Lots of creations made which we’re looking forward to sharing tomorrow! Well Done to all of our Staplehurst School pupils!

  8. Mark says:

    Looking forward to bringing my 3 grand-kids this afternoon. Don’t know who’s more excited – me or them!

  9. Amber Hollie says:

    My favourite part was hacking the website.

  10. Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed U Can 2!

  11. Charlie says:

    I was hosting the Kodu gaming stand at U Can Too. I made it look interesting by making Rover creating an apple every three seconds and a stick that opened and closed. I was very pleased with my job. I also got to look at other activities too.

    Charlie – Year5 Digital Leader

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