Welcome to Staplehurst School P.T.A.

All parents and carers of children at Staplehurst School are members of the PTA.

Our Aims

  • Raise funds to support the school in providing excellent learning experiences for all the children at the school
  • Organise social events and activities for the children, their families and the wider community to enjoy
  • Give parents and carers the opportunity to work together with the whole school community for the benefit of the school

Some examples of what we do:

  1. We help to buy sports or IT equipment.
  2. We help to pay for the Bikeability courses for Year 6 students.
  3. We contribute towards whole-school arts projects led by external artists, like the Roald Dahl papier mache creatures.
  4. We run discos, Christmas and summer fairs and Secret Santa gift purchasing.

We are always interested in new ideas for activities and fund-raising.

Interested in getting involved?

We have a committee which meets informally (at the pub) and also formally (at school), usually in the evenings. Come along to a committee meeting to meet people and see how it works. We are a fairly small group at the moment, with children in most years of the school, and would love to have some more committee members. It's up to you how much time you give - everyone is busy with other commitments so we know what it's like.

If you'd rather help out more informally, we need helpers for almost all of our activities. We try to give as much notice as possible, through PTA newsletters or announcements in the weekly school newsletter. Again, you can give as much time as you want to. We are always grateful for any bit of help and without our helpers we would not be able to achieve anything.

Do you want to know more? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Staplehurst School

“The more we expect of ourselves, and one another, the more we can achieve”

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