Our Staff We feel very fortunate to have built an established team of staff that are hardworking, professional and committed, as well as innovative and multi-talented, which is essential in a primary school environment.  


Miss L Davenport


Deputy Headteacher

Mr L Williams-Jones


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs V French



Mrs V French


Family Liason Officer

Ms B Sullivan


Designated Safeguarding


Miss L Davenport


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mr L Williams-Jones

Mrs V French

Mrs S Golding


Business Manager

Communications Officer

Finance Officer

Mrs N Keggin

Ms S Mahoney

Mrs R Cooper


Music Teacher

Mrs P Seal


Site Manager

Mr M Piper



Teaching Assistant

Early Years


Sharman Class

Mrs S Golding

Ms J Pow

Peake Class

Mrs A Barnard

Ms S Kitney

Ms J Batten

Year 1


Adams Class

Ms C Chembalipuram

Mr B Amos

Queen Elizabeth II Class

Ms J State

Mrs L Best

Year 2


McCartney Class

 Mrs L Slow

Mrs K Staines

 Ms S Barrow

Johnson-Thompson Class

Mr J Smith

Mrs S Apps

Year 3


Elba Class

 Ms E Gilham

Mrs K Staines

Ms K Whitmee

Ms K Blundell

Quant Class

Ms I Stone

Ms L Underdown

Year 4


Wonder Class

Mrs J Wye

Mrs A Burchell

Hoy Class

Ms L Cook

Mrs R Craig

Year 5


Parker Class

Ms M Kish

Mrs S Keeshan

Banjo Class

Mrs E Rivenberg

Mrs S Watts

Year 6


Lovelace Class

Ms H Stanfield

Mrs N Askew

Chaplin Class

Mr J Tate

Staplehurst School

“The more we expect of ourselves, and one another, the more we can achieve”

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