Welcome to Staplehurst School P.T.A.

All parents and carers of children at Staplehurst School are members of the PTA.

Our Aims

  • Raise funds to support the school in providing excellent learning experiences for all the children at the school
  • Organise social events and activities for the children, their families and the wider community to enjoy
  • Give parents and carers the opportunity to work together with the whole school community for the benefit of the school

Some examples of what we do:

  1. We help to buy sports or IT equipment.
  2. We help to pay for the Bikeability courses for Year 5 students.
  3. We contribute towards whole-school arts projects led by external artists, like the Roald Dahl papier mache creatures.
  4. We run discos, Christmas and summer fairs and Secret Santa gift purchasing.

We are always interested in new ideas for activities and fund-raising.

Interested in getting involved?

We have a committee which meets informally (at the pub) and also formally (at school), usually in the evenings. Come along to a committee meeting to meet people and see how it works. We are a fairly small group at the moment, with children in most years of the school, and would love to have some more committee members. It's up to you how much time you give - everyone is busy with other commitments so we know what it's like.

If you'd rather help out more informally, we need helpers for almost all of our activities. We try to give as much notice as possible, through PTA newsletters or announcements in the weekly school newsletter. Again, you can give as much time as you want to. We are always grateful for any bit of help and without our helpers we would not be able to achieve anything.

Do you want to know more? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Latest Newsletter

PTA committee members

Please see below for a list of our current PTA committee members along with a brief introduction of who we are:

Kelly Mclean (Chair)

Kelly Mclean

Bit about me:

I am currently out of work as I became ill a few years ago. I do bits here and there when my condition lets me. I was a hairdresser by trade and hope to go back to doing this when I'm better. I have four children, one being at Staplehurst school and one due there next year.

Favourite PTA event:

Probably the summer fair. I really enjoy it as it's busy and a better time of the year weather-wise and everybody is better with a bit of sun.

Why you joined the PTA:

I've always loved getting involved with the children's school PTA. I make it work with what I can do and they are very understanding if I can't make it. I think any help is better than no help and also my children love it too. Also I know schools are struggling with the budgets they get so I'm proud to play my part. Lots of different ideas come from us all and we always try and mix it up for the children so they don't get bored with the events.


Jacqui Veitch (Vice-chair)


Bit about me:

We moved to Staplehurst a couple of years ago from East London and are very grateful to the school and village as a whole for making us so welcome. I have two girls at the school and an older son at secondary.

I work part time in Made by Kent, help my husband run his own business, and juggle in some of my own creative work where I can. I like to squeeze in some distance running into my life too.

Favourite PTA event:

It's hard to decide on my favourite PTA event; the old favourites like the summer fair are lovely - we are so lucky to have such a fabulous school field to host it in - but it's fun to be trying some new things like the panto, and new ideas are always welcome!

Why you joined the PTA:

I was very involved in the PTA at our last school so I couldn't help but get involved here too. I really believe in it not just as a means to bring in extra funds for the school, but also to be a positive force - to provide some of the community 'glue' that brings parents, carers and children together and makes school such a rich experience for our children.

Leanne Carter (Treasurer)


Bit about me:

I work full time, as does my husband and we have four children; two of whom are at Staplehurst School. Our house is pretty busy and never stops, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Favourite PTA event:

The summer fair has to be the best event. As everyone comes together – usually in great weather – having fun and raising lots of money for the school. It’s a great feeling to know how much money is raised.

Why I joined the PTA:

I often sat at home and moaned that schools weren’t given enough funding. This led me to join, as I wanted to raise more money to give my kids a better education. It really does make a massive difference and gives my children better opportunities and I feel proud to say I helped! The regular PTA meetings in the pub with other members and a glass of wine also help!

Sarah Keeshan

Bit about me:

I have two children at school and have been on the PTA since my son started at the school. I started as a Teaching Assistant at Staplehurst School in April 2019.

Favourite PTA event:

I have enjoyed being part of the Summer fairs especially seeing the children, parents and school team all come together to fund raise at the event and have fun whilst doing it.

Why you joined the PTA:

I joined because I wanted to be part of the school community and to help with fundraising for the school. I also enjoy the social aspect of it. As a family we all get involved with the fundraising events. My husband has been known to provide sausage rolls, chocolate brownies and crepes at past events.

I have remained on the PTA so that I can remain involved with the fundraising for school and keep a link between teachers and parents at school.

I am looking forward to continuing the fundraising with the PTA team for the next school year.

Joanna O'Day

Joanna O Day

Bit about me:

I'm married with a daughter who attends the school. I have lived in Staplehurst for five years now and have lived and worked in the Kent area all my life. I work part time, which sometimes includes weekends. This enables me to do the school run a couple of days a week and spend time with my daughter.

 Favourite PTA event:

Summer fair, as it's nice to see the kids enjoying the sunshine and fun.

I also like the Welcome Back BBQ at the start of the school year. It’s great for new starters to settle in and everyone to have a fun afternoon of games in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why you joined the PTA:

I have only been a member for a couple of months but I enjoy helping out where I can and wanted to get involved in organizing fun events for my child and her friends. It has made me feel happy and useful and is a great excuse for a night out of the house for pub meetings now and again. I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute in the future.



Bit about me:

I'm married and have two boys, one at this school and one will be joining in September. I work locally and have lived in the village for many years with my husband, who has lived and had family in the village for 36 years. My husband attended this school and loved it. I like how the teachers, parents and community work together.: 

Favourite PTA event:

The Summer fair as it brings everyone together.

Why you joined the PTA:

I joined the PTA as I wanted the opportunity to feedback to the school any concerns or issues parents had, as well as help support the school my children attend and help provide them with the best education and facilities by fundraising.

Kelly Fuller

Kelly Eastwood Fuller

Bit about me:

My son is in year three and my daughter is due to start in September next year. I'm not in work at the minute but as soon as my daughter starts full time school I would love to do something in school as I love to work with kids and watch them learn.

Why you joined the PTA:

I wanted to be a part of the PTA as I love to get involved with school and help out. I come in once a week mainly Wednesday to make sure the library is tidy.





Staplehurst School

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