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Wednesday, 29 April 2020 12:43

Year 3 - PRIDE Challenges, Topic Work and Curriculum Learning

On St George's Day, Evie Belle clapped for the key workers at 8pm - well done for showing Respect which counts towards the Year 3 PRIDE point challenge this term!

Tallulah has made a cardboard loom. It's proving to be a bit fiddly but she's making some progress...

Lucas has been enjoying working on the first segment of the Art and Design project 'representing the human body through art'. He has now finished his art project and you can see his work in the gallery below.

Harvey has been making and decorating shortbread men.

William's PRIDE challenge....using natural things to spell his name.

William has also done some observational studies based on Julian Opie's work. 

Lucas has also completed his first topic work, Animals Including Humans.

Betsy has been busy working on number spellings and sorting numbers in order and also in science she placed carrots tops in various places with/without water and light. She then recorded her findings which she found to be a fun experiment.

More from William - he made a Roman Aqueduct (with a little help from Mum) and designed his own Roman Mosaic picture.

Eevie has written about her dream place and done some research about settlements in the UK.



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