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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 13:10

Year 5 - Floodland

Year 5 has started the new term with a new book – Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick.

Today the children were asked to read the opening of the book:

Zoe ran. Harder than she had ever run in her life. Her feet pounded through the deserted streets of derelict buildings. Somewhere, not far behind, she could hear the gang coming after her. It felt as if her heart would burst, but she didn't slow down.

and draw what they saw in their own imagination; anything that captured the place and the mood of the story opening.

In the gallery are some fantastic interpretations by Poppy H, Callum V, Henry P, Esmé and Ellie.

Grace has written a diary in the role of Zoe, leaving the island of Norwich.

As part of their work on the book Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick, Year 5 were tasked this week with designing a flood proof house. In the gallery are Eva, Esme, Gabriella and Eban's fantastic ideas. Henry used his design for his flood-proof house to make a model of it at home. He has even included detailed labels to support his design.

Inspired by the wood prints in Floodland created by the author Gladys spent the week sketching sea inspired motifs and turning them into a print.  She researched Lino print artists.  Gladys did a scallop shell which she is going to display at home.


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