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Tuesday, 16 June 2020 13:24

Year 6 Topic

Year 6 pupils have been busy researching the Maya as part of ther new topic. They've also made Guatemalan Worry Dolls and Mayan masks. We love the firey colours Annabel has chosen to really make hers catch the eye!

Felix and Ro​bin have carried out some excellent research on the Mayans. They're thoroughly researched their topic and spent time writing engaging factual reports filled with information. Did you know that Mayan civilisation stretched far over Central America?

Isabelle has also been busy researching the Maya. She's taken time to research the topic and present her findings in an interesting and eye catching way! She should be incredibly proud of this truly brilliant piece of work! It is clear that she has put a tremendous amount of time, effort and research into her Mayan project, well done!!​

As part of our new 'Chocolate' design topic, Rohan has been comparing the product designs of different chocolate bars. He's going to use his research to design his own chocolate bar and packaging.

Isabelle, Robin and Annabel have been busy cooking. Robin and Annabel were inspired by our Chocolate topic and decided to invent their own chocolate bar - we think they look very tasty!

Felix has also been inspired by our chocolate topic, making his own banana and cocoa ice cream. This sounds very refreshing - perfect for a hot summer day!

The year six children have been learning about Fairtrade. After researching what it means to be Fairtrade, chocolate was still on Felix's mind and he produced a poster to persuade consumers to change their shopping habits. We can't wait to see what other work comes out of this tasty topic.

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