Staplehurst School

Meet the staff

We feel very fortunate to have built an established team of staff that are hardworking, professional and committed, as well as innovative and multi-talented, which is essential in a primary school environment.

The Senior Leadership Team

Portrait of Miss Davenport, headteacher of Staplehurst School


Miss Davenport

Portrait of Mr Williams Jones, deputy headteacher of Staplehurst School

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Williams Jones

Portrait of Mr Tate, assistant head inclusion at Staplehurst School

Assistant Head Inclusion

Mr Tate

Our Staff


Miss L Davenport


Deputy Headteacher

Mr Williams Jones


Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Tate



Mr J Tate


Family Liason Officer

Mrs A Burchell


Designated Safeguarding 


Miss L Davenport


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mr J Tate

Mr Williams Jones

Mrs S Golding

Mrs A Burchell

Mrs K Hay


Business Manager

Communications Officer 

Finance Officer


Mrs K Hay

Ms S Mahoney

Mrs R Cooper


Mrs Orford

Miss S Skinner (Maternity Leave)


Music Teacher

Mrs P Seal


Site Manager

Mr M Piper



Teaching Assistant

Early Years

Emeli Sande Class Mrs Golding
Judi Dench Class Miss Fraser

 Mrs Batten

Mrs Kamat

Miss Smith

Miss Siseman

Year 1


Sir Anish Kapoor Class

Ms C Chembalipuram

Mrs K Bryant

Miss Woodhams

Eniola Aluko Class Mr B Amos  

Dame Kelly Holmes Class

Mrs N Foreman

Mrs K Staines

Mrs M Pearson

Miss Clark

Year 2


Benjamin Zephaniah Class

Miss B Cragg

Miss Camber

Anthony Joshua Class

Mrs S Knight


Year 3


Jacqueline Wilson Class

Miss E Gilham

 Miss L Levett

Sir Ian McKellan Class

Mrs L Slow/ Mrs Napier

Miss K Dunne 

Mrs R Ashby

Mrs T James

Miss K Blundell

Mrs T Nicholls


Year 4


John Constable Class

Mrs J Wye

Miss G Coriolis

Ben Whishaw Class

Miss Butler

Mrs Farrell (Maternity Leave)

Mrs J Pow

Mrs K Fuller

Year 5


Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Class

Miss C Rankine

Miss L Underdown

Letitia Wright Class

Miss L Cook

 Miss C Evans

Year 6


Philip Pulman Class

Miss I Stone

Mrs S Watts

Mrs Harvey

Mrs J Howes

Miss K Offen

Colin Jackson Class

Mr J Smith

* Staplehurst school confirms no member of staff is paid

over £100,000.


Staplehurst School

“The more we expect of ourselves and one another, the more we can achieve”

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