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Data and Results

At Staplehurst School we are constantly seeking areas in which we can improve, and readily act upon our findings. All pupils’ academic progress is tracked using ‘Target Tracker’ software, and each pupil is monitored and discussed at termly pupil progress meetings.  Specific support is put in place where needs are identified. A range of interventions are deployed to support pupils’ academic and personal development. Some LAC and FSM pupils are part of wider support programmes, Pupil Premium is used to fund their participation in these programmes.

The school monitors and evaluates the impact of the Pupil Premium funded activities to ensure there are positive outcomes for the pupils receiving the payment. 

The Governing Body’s Learning & Development Committee review the impact data and discuss the most effective interventions with the Inclusion Manager. 

KS2 SATs Results

A new national curriculum was introduced in 2014 and the 2016 SATs were the first to assess the children against this more challenging curriculum. The standard which the children are expected to reach by the end of Key Stage 2 was raised and, as a result, fewer children nationally met the expected standard. The reporting of results was also changed making the 2016 data incomparable with previous years. 2017 therefore provides us with the first year of data on which we can build a clearer picture of the school’s progress.

2019 Data Outcomes

School Performance Tables

School Comparison Tool

Parent View – have your say on the Ofsted website

Physical Education and Sport Premium

Staplehurst School receives extra funding from the local authority to make improvements to the quality of PE and sports facilities offered to the children. The following documents show how much funding was received, how it was spent, and how it affects pupils’ participation and attainment.

Sport Premium Funding 2019-20

Sport Premium Funding 2020-2021

Sport Premium Funding - Impact Statement 2020-2021

Sports Premium Planned Spend 2021-2022

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