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At Staplehurst Primary School we want every pupil to develop a a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about maths. We aim for children to develop a strong sense of number and a secure understanding of place value, using a range of resources to support learning. Formal written recording is practised regularly and is an important part of learning and understanding. Staplehurst Primary School has developed a consistent approach to the teaching of written calculations in order to establish continuity and progression throughout the school.

Children study maths at Staplehurst through the mastery approach. This is a way of learning, in which children work collaboratively to build their skills in fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, in order to master mathematics.

We aim for children to develop deep understanding through using images, practical materials and real-life contexts for applying mathematical knowledge; a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach (CPA). Children are taught to talk about their thinking, explain their reasoning and describe proofs.

Children who have demonstrated good understanding in their lessons are given opportunities to develop their learning at greater depth, so that all children are challenged appropriately, whilst those pupils who find the work more challenging are given tailored additional support.

Calculation Policy

The methods of calculation the children learn as they move through the school are included in our calculation policy (guidance for parents). We have adopted this policy because it includes clear, detailed descriptions of the methods, as well as suggestions for improving pupils’ understanding.

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