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Welcome to the Staplehurst School Science page! Here you will find everything that you need to know about science at our school. ​

Our Science Ethos

At Staplehurst we prioritise practical science. We believe it is absolutely imperative that children get hands on and experience the wonderful world of science themselves. It is important to give them that WOW factor which will engage them and have the children learning without even realising it. Additionally, we also place huge importance in scientific skills as well as knowledge. Just as it is important for the children to have basic scientific knowledge by the end of primary school. They also need to have the skills required to plan and carry out investigations and analyse the results from these. These skills are central to their continued scientific development so are a real focus for our teachers.

Overview of Science

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Science Curriculum

We use the Kent science scheme to ensure that we are meeting all the required national curriculum objectives. The topics covered in each year group are listed below.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Keeping Healthy

Animal classification

Animals Classification

Animal Habitats     

Materials and their uses

Seasonal Changes

Plants and Growth

Seasonal change




Year 2

Animals and Humans




Food Chains


Life cycles

Year 3




Animals including humans

Animals including humans


Year 4


Animals including humans

Animals including humans

States of matter

Living things and their habitats


Year 5

Earth and Space

Material Changes


Animals including humans

Living things and habitats

Animals including humans.

Year 6



Evolution and inheritance


Animals including humans

Living things and habitats.



In the Early Years, Science is covered under the understanding the world development strand. Through play based activities children explore many areas of science including living things, materials and forces.

Science Opportunities

We endeavour to participate in as much science as we possibly can in and out of school. So far this year, we have tried out the Empiribox science scheme in KS2 where we managed to bring some very exciting experiments and investigations to our classrooms. Plus, we have taken part in the High Weald Science challenge where we came 2nd.

Useful Science Websites

BBC Bitesize

This gives good explanations of the topics covered at school, with video links, quizzes and games.

Science Kids

This gives information, games, quizzes and practical ideas for different science topics – great for letting your child explore the world.


A series of science games to help your child learn.

Dr Universe

If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, this website lets you email a scientist to see if they can help.


Science videos to really challenge the brain (upper KS2).

Extreme Science

Some extreme facts about science (the largest, the smallest, the most dangerous, etc…) – upper KS2.

Planet Pals

A series of games and activities about looking after our planet.


Ideas for science experiments to be carried out at home.

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