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At Staplehurst School, we acknowledge the importance of Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in the curriculum as an important element in preparing our pupils for the transition in to adult life. As a school, we are using the Kapow PSHE programme to teach the statutory RSHE.

Health Education:

From September 2020, Relationship and Health Education was made compulsory in all primary schools. The content covered is as follows:
Health Education now includes learning about ‘the changing adolescent body’ to equip children to understand puberty. This is a compulsory section of the curriculum and all children will be taught this.

Sex Education:

As sex education is taught within our PSHE curriculum, parents do have the right to request their child is withdrawn from these specific lessons.

We believe that knowledge empowers and protects children as long as it is age-appropriate. At secondary school Sex Education is statutory and we believe that primary schools should prepare children with accurate knowledge about puberty and human reproduction before they transfer to secondary school.

Correct terminology for body parts is introduced early to normalise this biological vocabulary and to support safeguarding. These words are not used in isolation but always in conjunction, ensuring children know these are private parts of their bodies.

Puberty is introduced gently in Year 4 because some girls may start their periods this early and it is necessary to prepare them for this, so they aren’t scared or worried. (In the puberty lesson there is no mention of periods, but children are taught that changes to their body will occur).

Conception is introduced age-appropriately in Year 6 in the context of understanding why our bodies change during puberty.

Understanding of menstruation and puberty is built upon in Year 5 and then puberty, conception and childbirth is age-appropriately covered in Year 6.

Below is an outline of the RSE lessons in our curriculum and the accompanying teaching presentations/resources as PDFs:

Year 1

Appropriate Contact Slides

Appropriate Contact Worksheet

How do we change as we grow?

Year 2

Lesson 1

How do we change as we grow?

Task 1 Baby vs Now

Task 2 Now vs The Future

Lesson 2

 My private parts are private

Respecting personal boundaries

Lesson 3

Similarities and Differences

Task Body Labels

Task Body Outlines

Task Statements about boys and girls

Year 3

Growing Up

Year 4

Introducing puberty lesson plan

Lesson 1 Growing Up

Lesson 2 Puberty 

Changing Body Task

Hygiene Task Female

Hygiene Task Male

Year 5

Lesson 1 External & Internal Body Parts Task

Lesson 1 External & Internal Body Parts Answer

Lesson 1 External & Internal Body Parts Female

Lesson 1 External & Internal Body Parts Male

Lesson 1 Puberty Slides

Lesson 2 Menstrual Cycle Task

Lesson 2 Menstruation Cycle Slides

Lesson 2 Menstruation True or False Quiz Girls

Lesson 2 Menstruation True or False Answers Girls

Lesson 2 Menstruation True or False Quiz Boys

Lesson 2 Menstruation True or False Quiz Answers Boys

Lesson 3 Puberty Scenario Task

Lesson 3 Emotional Changes Slides 
Year 6
Lesson 1 - Physcial and Emotional Changes 

Lesson 1 - Puberty Slides

Body Parts Quiz

Body Parts Quiz Multiple Choice

Body Parts Quiz Answers

Y6 SCB Puberty Problem Pages

Lesson 2 Conception Slides

Sequencing (Words Only)

Sequencing with Images

Lesson 3 Pregnancy and Birth


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